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Disclaimer: This dashboard is ONLY a prototype of how to use and display Danish AIS data.
Errors or misbehaviour should be expected and its not intended to be used in a production environment.

AIS Dashboard

This dashboard was created by a group of Software students from Aalborg University, Denmark.

Andreas Skjoldgaard Andersen

Andreas Daugbjerg Christensen

Philip Michaelsen

Shpend Gjela


Available AIS Data is ranging from 26-04-2021 to 09-05-2021.
The latest data in the database is shown in the two date fields when the page is loaded.


When clicking 'Visualize' a query is composed based on the given inputs and drawn lines or polygons. This query is then sent to the database server to be executed, processing time depends on the inputs given.

Expect to wait about one minute in general with data from a single day and with a couple of drawn lines or polygons.

Making a query on multiple days, with a large polygon or using many lines can result in a relatively long execution time. The timeout on the server is 30 minutes to allow for larger queries, although most queries should be processed within this time, it is possible that some large queries will timeout.

A warning will be given when a timeout has happened, if no such warning has been shown (A red box above the 'visualize' button) then the query is still being processed.
  • Some of the data shown on the statistics tab filters away ships with "NaN" values. The numbers of trips who have crossed the lines, eg. "red to green" includes ships/trips with some er all values as "NaN".
  • If a ship has type "NaN" or unknown it will be classified as "Undefined".
  • The statistics showing min, max and average for draught, length, width and speed ignores ships with "NaN" values, as it would give a wrong average.
    • If a result returns 10 trips, and two of those trips has "NaN" in length, then the average for length will only be calculated for the remaining eight trips.
  • If the result on the map displays 100 trips, then it's possible the min, max or average values only applies to 10 of those trips, if the remaining has "NaN" values.
    • The four statistics works independently which is, if some trips have values for length, but not for draught, then the statistics will reflect these numbers accordingly.
    • It's then possible that the length values represents 60 trips, where the draught values may only represent 40 trips.
  • The default of the values is 0, so if no trips with data is found, the value 0 i shown, this doesn't applies to the speed statistic.
  • Sometimes when drawing a line, only a single point is recognized and the page displays an error. Refreshing the page should fix the problem.